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What is an ‘AquaSport’ Swim Spa?

What is an ‘AquaSport’ Swim Spa?


Imagine having the capacity at home for a satisfying, full body work out, every single day. Here at Hydropool Wiltshire, we offer that opportunity to you in the form of our top-of-the-range swim spas.

With our Hydropool AquaSport and Hydropool AquaTrainer swim spa ranges, there is a swim spa to suit your needs, in a variety of sizes.

All of our swim spas create a continuous current in the water, allowing you to swim uninterrupted, without having to turn or push off from the wall. This enables you to focus on your stroke, technique and stamina, with the current being adjustable to your swim level.

If you’d like to know more about the AquaTrainer swim spa range, we recommend you read more here.

But what exactly is an AquaSport swim spa?

An AquaSport swim spa provides the perfect universal aquatic gym. All of the AquaSport swim spas in the range come with superior design features as standard, which help make swimming enjoyable, easy and safe for all of the family.

Each AquaSport unit has a generous, streamlined tank area with a flat, ergonomically-designed anti-slip floor, which allows space for a variety of aqua aerobics. This means that you are not limited to only using your swim spa to practise your front stroke!

There are lots of ways to work out in a swim spa, and the AquaSport is the perfect spa for mixing up your exercise regime. We recommend checking out our Workout Programmes which demonstrate how to get the most out of your swim spa, as well as getting the best full-body workout for you.

The AquaCore jet system provides a constant current, superb buoyancy and a smooth swim every time, allowing the whole family to take part in the fun. A Hydropool swim spa is the perfect safe space to teach young ones how to swim, with no fear of being in the ‘deep end’ or too far from the sides!

For those who require a stronger flow for aquatic therapy, the current can be easily adjusted to provide great resistance.

The AquaShell design is wide and deep with an even flowing swim channel, meaning you get consistent smooth water, as well as safe and spacious swim space. The units also come with swim lane lines on the floor to keep you on track when swimming ‘lengths’.

As with most of the Hydropool range, the Hydroclean filtration pump means your swim spa is easy to maintain and a joy to use. A self-cleaning swim spa can offer so much more than a traditional pool, including little to no maintenance!

Whichever of the 9 AquaSport swim spas in our range take your fancy, you can be guaranteed quality, a great swim and superior design, that lasts. Pop into Hydropool Wiltshire today to speak with one of our Experts who will help you decide on the right spa for you.