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The power of sound

The power of sound

Using a hot tub can be a full sensory experience. You can feel the warming jets massaging your tired muscles. You can see the calming bubbles floating up to the surface and the relaxing lighting setting the mood. You can smell the aromatherapy oils calming your stress and you can even hear your very own relaxing music with our sound system optional extras.

At Hydropool Wiltshire, we are really proud of the range of optional extras and upgrades we provide our customers with, so you can personalise your experience even further. It’s all about understanding what you want to achieve from your own luxurious hot tub and finding solutions for you to be able to enjoy it to it’s full potential.

Our Serenity Sound System extra (available on Serenity Hot Tubs only) includes Bluetooth, AM/FM tuner and two speakers. This means you can listen to whatever station or album you like, and engage all of your senses in your relaxation.

You could even craft your very own relaxation playlist from your favourite streaming site! It’s really easy to set up and could help you create the perfect spa atmosphere. Chilled classical piano tracks, gentile vocals and atmospheric soundscapes will all elevate your experience in the tub by transporting you away with the amazing power of sound. After all, if you’re sitting back in your tub and you can hear the kids in the next room, or your brain is busy whizzing through your big deadline that’s looming, audio is a great way to transport your mind away from it all.

Itgoes without saying that soaking up the bubbles, feeling the warming massage of the jets and taking the time to really make the most of your Hydropool hot tub always feels good, no matter how often you do it and how long you’ve owned your tub for. But if you have your very own Serenity hot tub, or you are looking at one for your first Hydropool Wiltshire hot tub, transform your tub time into a full sensory experience and ask our team about the sound system optional extra today!