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The big four

The big four

We know that buying a hot tub is a large investment to make. And so it’s important to consider all thoughts, ideas and wishes when it comes to choosing the perfect one for you. But, just like when you bought your dream home, you really just know when it’s ‘the one’ and you will love it for years to come.

We take your dreams and wishes for your perfect hot tub and swim spa seriously here at Hydropool Wiltshire, which is why we strive to be the number one choice for you to purchase your tub. From our customer service with our well-trained, experienced and knowledgeable team through to our superior quality tubs, accessories and after-sales care, we are here to give you not only a fantastic array of options to choose from, but also a high quality offering, so no matter what you go with, you’re guaranteed quality that will last.

Here are the top four considerations which we feel are possibly the most critical when it comes to making the all important buying decision with us…

  1. Size

It goes without saying that you need to know you can comfortably fit a hot tub or swim spa in your home or garden that will not only look good and work within the allocated space, but also be safe and structurally sound.

Not only that, if you know you have a large enough space to house your tub, you need to consider how many people you are thinking of allowing in! If it’s just a cosy retreat for the two of you, then opt for a smaller, snug tub. If you are planning a few family get-togethers or hot tub party evenings, then a larger tub will ensure everyone is comfortable and can enjoy your new party centrepiece!

  1. Inside out

Of course, one of the many aspects that will determine which tub or spa you go for will be where you want to put it.

Outside: Installation outside in your garden is great for stargazing, enjoying the great outdoors and making the most of the space outside of your home. An in-ground installation is the most sleek, stylish and impressive, but can be tricky and expensive to arrange. However, having a deck installation is still aesthetically pleasing, and proves to be the most popular amongst our customers.

Inside: If you’re not keen on swimming outside during the colder months, this is a great option, but for a swim spa, you ideally need to install it during the construction of the room or building itself.

Be sure to discuss where you wish to put your swim spa or hot tub with our team as this will help us to narrow down your selection effectively.

  1. Water

Of course your hot tub or swim spa needs water, but it’s really important to consider the treatment of the water to ensure it stays sanitary throughout usage. You will need an in-line dispenser to ensure simple dispersal of either chlorine or bromine into your tub or spa. You also have the option to add an Ozonator to oxidize bacteria and reduce the amount of chemicals you need. Alternatively, salt water is one of the most popular swim spa sanitation options as it removes the guess work from water sanitation and can make your swim spa easier to maintain.

Yes, we know considering the water treatment in the tub isn’t the most exciting part of your purchasing journey, but it’s extremely important to ensure you can enjoy your hot tub or swim spa time and time again for years to come, without worrying about the cleanliness.

Be sure to ask our team about our exclusive self-cleaning system too! It’s all about giving you more time to enjoy your tub with less time cleaning it. 

  1. Work and play

This is the most fun and possibly the easiest consideration to think about when choosing your options. What do you actually want to use your hot tub or swim spa for?

Work: Are you wanting to get a good workout and make swimming part of your exercise regime within the comfort of your own home? A swim spa is often nicknamed a ‘water treadmill’ – and the people who say that are not far wrong! Of course you can sit back and relax in a swim spa after your workout too, but if you are looking for a sophisticated, intelligent piece of exercise machinery to really hone your swim skills, then a swim spa is what you need.

Play: We all want this, right? Like we say, a swim spa is also designed to allow you to sit back and relax in a soothing, bubbly embrace after you’ve worked up a sweat, but a hot tub is a truly dedicated relaxation experience. Whether you grab your friends for a fun hot tub party, or you’d like a luxurious escape for some ‘me time’, a hot tub is the one for you.

But, like we say; whatever considerations you wish to focus on when choosing your tub, just like when you bought your home, when you know, you know; and you begin making brand new memories in your dream abode. Now you just need to find ‘the one’ with us, and a whole host of new memories can be made in your dream hot tub or swim spa, thanks to Hydropool Wiltshire.