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Swimming pool or swim spa?

Swimming pool or swim spa?

Swimming pool or swim spa?

Before investing in a swimming pool or swim spa, you want to be loaded with all the facts to make an informed decision. And that’s where Hydropool Wiltshire can help!

You already know the huge benefits of having your own personal pool or spa in which to enjoy a good swim right in your own home. But, really, being able to swim in them is where their similarities end, and the swim spa can often prove the best value for money, most useful and more versatile option for you.

We appreciate that all of our customers have different needs and wishes when it comes to choosing the right solution for them, but understanding the key areas that will help your decision be right for you is imperative. Here’s our guide to swimming pool vs. swim spa:

Year-round use

Obviously you’ll be wanting to use your new pool or swim spa as much as possible, and knowing how many days a year you’ll be able to take a dip is really important. Usually, the best swimming season in a pool lasts up to six months at most. However, when it comes to swimming in a swim spa, you really can use it every day of the year if you wish. Knowing the usage costs of a swim spa are around half those of a swimming pool, even though the usability is more than double, makes it an even more valuable option.


You want to know you are getting the best value for money whichever swim option you choose, but when it comes to installation, time and cost are a big consideration. Typically, a swimming pool takes from 7 to 14 days to install, and can cost on average around £50,000. But, a swim spa can be installed in no more than 3 days and costs around £25,000. A quicker, cheaper installation means you can get swimming straight away!


Heating your swim spa or pool is a big part of owning one. It costs around £300 monthly to heat a swimming pool to 32 degrees during the summer months, but this can rise up to £450 a month during autumn and winter. Compare that with a swim spa costing around £20 in summer and up to £50 in winter, and you’ll get a warm feeling from just that fantastic saving!


Of course there are always optional extras when it comes to buying a swimming pool or swim spa. This means whichever option you go with, you can tailor your accessories, gadgets and tools to make the experience perfect for you. However, one extra that really isn’t optional when it comes to both a pool and spa is a safety cover. For a swimming pool, a safety cover can cost anywhere between £5000 and £10000. But, if you purchase a Hydropool Wiltshire swim spa with us, your safety cover is included at no extra cost at all. This means your gorgeous swim spa is safe, secure from the elements and will remain looking gorgeous and new for many years to come – for free!

Have we helped you to make up your mind yet? Need a bit more information? Then how about…


Everyone knows swimming pools are great for one thing – swimming! Which of course, to any lover of the water, is no bad thing at all. However, a swim spa is so much more than just that. Multiple usage options mean you can use it as a swimming pool, hot tub, aqua gym or even a fantastic fitness facility when you install a bike! The choice is so much more even though the space it takes up is much less than a traditional pool


As with many investments to our home, there are maintenance costs to consider with both a pool and a swim spa. On average, chemicals, equipment and other maintenance costs for a pool total around £1,200 per year. Swim spa maintenance costs only around £300 per year.

 So, water babies young and old all over the world, rejoice! For the swim spa is the answer to all your swimming needs!