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Swimming for all seasons

Swimming for all seasons

Whether you are an experienced swimmer or new to the world of fine-tuning your strokes and breathing techniques, it’s safe to say that many of us only fancy a dip in the pool when the warmer weather is upon us. However, thanks to the unpredictability of the UK weather these days, it can be very difficult to get around to our favourite pastimes, like swimming, if that’s the case.

But at Hydropool Wiltshire, we believe that swimming really can be enjoyed all the year through with your own personal swim spa at home. Whatever the weather, you can get a good workout and feel fantastic. In fact, the endorphins released after a good swimming session can really boost your mood during the colder, darker, wetter days we endure more often than we may like in this country.

And with our key areas outlined below, you can really begin to realise the highlights during all seasons…

Although it is highly important that you have the perfect place to put your swim spa, installation is always quick and simple so you can get swimming in no time. There’s no need to spend hours dealing with contractors, digging up your grounds or planning huge construction work. A crane lowers your spa into place, you put on your swim suit and get swimming.

These days, it’s incredibly important to us that our homes are as energy efficient as possible, to both help our planet and our wallets. And during the winter months, you don’t have to worry about high energy costs, thanks to our swim spas being designed with the continued costs in mind. You may not even notice a difference to your bills at all!

As we say, swimming in the colder months may not be at the top of your agenda. But, thanks to the adjustable controls in your swim spa, you can create the perfect mix. From a cooling splash in the summer to a warming embrace on a chilly winter evening, it’s so simple and means you have no excuse to avoid a dip!

At the end of the day, you want to know you are getting great value for money. And although you do need to make an initial investment for the spa itself, it costs a lot less than you may think! It’s an incredibly efficient space and money-saving solution, costing a lot less than a traditional pool. And with all that water fun in your very own home, you can save money on gym memberships or taking the kids to the local pool.

Our Hydropool Staffordshire swim spas are designed with the latest technology to perfectly balance supreme comfort, efficiency and safety. Plus, with our exclusive Self Cleaning technology filtering 100% of the water in just 45 minutes, you can spend less time worrying about keeping the spa clean and more time worrying about improving your stamina and technique. Not only that, our advanced control technology gives you peace of mind that, whatever setting you need for whatever mood you’re in, everything is available at the touch of a button… If only everything in life was so simple!

So as you can see, a swim spa is not just a financial investment. It’s an investment into better health and wellbeing, whatever the weather. Just ask the Hydropool Wiltshire team how we can start you on your swim spa journey today!

Swimming for all seasons