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Staying In Is The New Going Out

Staying In Is The New Going Out

In a world of hectic schedules, stressful work and crazy social calendars, the coronavirus lockdown has come along and changed the way we live.

At a time when switching off seemed impossible, stepping back from it all and isolating has become the norm for families up and down the country, as well as across the globe.

Our diaries are free, our friends are uninvited, and we have all the time in the world. At Hydropool Wiltshire, we recognise that this unprecedented time of social distancing is the perfect opportunity to get to know ourselves, relax our bodies and re-enter post-lockdown society rejuvenated and whole.

The Joy Of Missing Out

Pre-COVID-19 there was a slow uptake of ‘JOMO’ – the joy of missing out – which came as an eventual retaliation to ‘FOMO’ – the fear of missing out – that had dominated social media feeds and weekend plans for years. People were starting to understand that maintaining a hectic lifestyle might look great, but in reality it leads to burnout.

Many are taking this time to re-evaluate how we spend our downtime, seeing as we have so much of it. Diving into a good book, baking #lockdownbananabread, learning how to enjoy exercising at home and embracing the joy of doing nothing at all, for the benefit of our mental health.

Upgrade Your Down Time

Having a Hydropool hot tub or swim spa at home can make taking quality time for yourself a luxurious experience.

A hot tub will give you a space to truly relax, take the weight off your feet and immerse yourself in the welcome embrace of a warm bubbly spa.

A swim spa gives you the ability to have a vigorous full body work out in the comfort of your own home, stretch out those heavy limbs and answers the kid’s requests for a pool.

Either option gives you access to unrivalled quality hydrotherapy and the opportunity to enjoy a whole host of health benefits. Whilst our showroom is closed, our Hydropool Experts are digitally on-hand to help you with any questions or queries you may have about the hot tub or swim spa of your dreams.

We can’t wait to see you again when we can safely re-open, but until then keep safe and take care!

From all the team at Hydropool Wiltshire

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