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Sound System Music

Sound System Music

Here at Hydropool Wiltshire, we’re known to provide a luxurious collection of upgrades to elevate your experience to engage all of your senses. Whether that’s with stunning lighting or high-quality sound systems, it all makes a perfect relaxation environment, tailored to you and your needs. We believe that relaxation is a full sensory experience.

In order to transport ourselves away from the stresses and strains of daily life – as well as allow our bodies to physically relax – we need to engage all of our senses. From the right smells and sounds, to the right atmosphere and even the feeling of bubbles massaging our skin, each one of these small aspects lends to the bigger picture. Here at Hydropool Wiltshire, we understand this and can help you create the perfect environment and ultimately use your hot tub or swim spa to its full potential.

This week it’s one particular set of upgrades we want to focus on in the blog – those fantastic Hydropool sound systems!

Whether you opt for the HydroSound speakers only, the HydroSound surround system or the Serenity sound system, you can be sure of great quality audio that will make your favourite music sound simply sublime as you are transported to another world right in the comfort of your Hydropool hot tub.

Before you sink into those bubbles, you need to be prepared! To do that, you need to create the ultimate relaxation playlist. You could do this using your own music by ordering your MP3s into a lovely relaxing list or you could use your favourite streaming site to create your dream playlist. The latter option is a favourite amongst many of our customers and can give you a wonderful variety of styles, artists and songs you may never have even heard of before. Just search for ‘chilled’, ‘relaxation’ or even ‘spa’ to find the perfect tracks, add them to your playlist and you’re ready to go!

At Hydropool Wiltshire, we really can’t stress the importance of creating a blissful environment around your dream hot tub. It makes what is already a luxurious experience into something that is truly magical.

What will your playlist be? Get in touch with us and let us know your favourite relaxation tracks for when you’re chilling out in the tub!