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Serenity 5 Special Edition

Serenity 5 Special Edition


So, you’ve had a crazy week at work, those deadlines are looming and the housework is piling up. But, rather than let it all get on top of you, you pour a cool glass of wine for you and four of your favourite people, pop on your favourite playlist and sink into your Hydropool Wiltshire hot tub. Let the warming jets soothe your muscles and let the fabulous company of your nearest and dearest lift your spirits.

And what would be the perfect way to do just this?

Introducing the Serenity 5 Special Edition from Hydropool!

From the elegant, flowing lines of the lip to the ergonomic seating and attractive jet recesses, the Serenity 5 Special Edition hot tub is a sleek spa designed to be aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and functional. This 5-person spa can also run on 110 volts, which makes this one of the most versatile hot tubs in the Hydropool line up.

And coming in the gorgeous silver marble shell, it not only feels fabulous, but looks great in your home too!

So contact us today and make the Serenity 5 Special Edition the perfect relaxing centre of your social life.