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Self Cleaning 495 hot tub

Self Cleaning 495 hot tub

We are, of course, extremely proud of our range of swim spas and hot tubs at Hydropool Wiltshire. But our self cleaning range really is something to be especially excited about. After all, what’s better than having your own hot tub? It’s having your own hot tub that you don’t have to worry about cleaning! All the fun, none of the fuss.

And if this sounds right up your street, then why not take a look at the Self Cleaning 495?

The Hydropool Self-Cleaning 495 is a 4-person hot tub that incorporates a never-float lounger, an S-shaped immersion lounger and two full seats, so be sure to know who you favourite three people are to join you in your beautiful new tub!

With easy-access, non-slip steps built right into the interior, it is accessible and sleek.

The Self-Cleaning 495 is one of the few “true” 4-person hot tubs in the industry.

The advanced technology of the Hydropool Self-Cleaning System makes this the easiest hot tub in the world to maintain by removing debris from both the surface and bottom, cleaning 100% of the water in only 15 minutes. So you can rest easy and enjoy your new tub with peace of mind that it’s clean, hygienic and hassle-free.

And if a soothing, relaxing massage is top of your agenda, the tub is offered in our 30-jet Gold Series as well as our 40-jet Platinum Series, both offering our stainless steel, fully adjustable, high-volume hydrotherapy jetting system. Our exclusively designed zoned jetting delivers a balanced, soothing massage and a rejuvenating hot tub experience. So whichever series you choose, your tired muscles will be massaged with perfection and all your troubles can bubble away.

Come to our showsite to find out more and speak to our team to see if the Self Cleaning 495 is the tub for you.