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Joint strain relief

 Joint strain relief

Joint strains, niggles and tired muscles are the constant threat and annoyance of many athletes and exercise lovers. You find yourself torn between wanting to get back out there and enjoy the sport you love, but knowing your injury will only get worse with further impact. It can often become a vicious cycle of feeling down that you can’t get out there and work up a sweat, but then causing more injury if you do, meaning an even longer recovery time.

So, it’s time to discover how you can speed up recovery and take better care of your body post-workout with Hydropool Wiltshire!

Just wait 48 hours after injury for the inflammatory period to subside and then allow the hot tub hydrotherapy to aid your rehabilitation. Take the pressure off, sit back and enjoy the relaxing healing benefits of your tub.

Just a short soak in a hot tub after your workout routine is a great way to relax those tired, aching muscles and recover your energy. But not only that, the hydrotherapeutic benefits of a hot tub go even further to actually help aid the recovery process after injury. The hot water increases blood flow around the body and to the skin and muscles which aid the recovery process. It can prevent stiffness and promote joint homeostasis, meaning you feel better sooner and get to relax in the luxury of a hot tub at the same time. And, along with the warm water, the jets provide you with a high pressure hydro massage, giving your sore muscles the deep push and flex they need to get working again. This can help to reduce muscle spasms and potentially decrease pain.

And don’t forget, once you’re ready to start flexing those muscles once more, a swim spa provides the perfect exercise routine. Swimming is low impact which means the risk of injury is far lower than sports that are harsher on the joints, such as running, dance aerobics and contact sports. This gives your body the aerobic workout it needs to stay healthy, whilst being kind to those trouble areas you struggle with.

So, if you’re struggling with a niggling pain from exercise, let your Hydropool hot tub help! Or, switch up your routine all together and more to a kinder sport for your body with a Hydropool swim spa.