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Installing your swim spa

Installing your swim spa

When you want to use your swim spa, how often, what type of fitness regime you have, what space is available in your home or garden and the financial commitment you can make to the installation process, will all play a part in the decision about where to put your new dream swim spa.

When you buy your swim spa, you need to be sure you have the perfect place to put it in your home or garden. Having the ideal spot to place it in is all about having somewhere that is both beautiful and convenient, to ensure you get the most use out of it and enjoy using it. This means that the installation options available to you are worth taking time to consider to make the right choice.

Take a look at our ideas for installation below, which will help you to make the best choice for you…

Raised deck

For this type of installation, you need to ensure there is access on all four sides of the swim spa for servicing. They can also suffer from hardcover placement issues due to space restrictions making lifter installation difficult. But, just speak to our team about raised deck installations if this is the direction you’d like to go in, as the results can be truly spectacular and beautiful.

Edge of deck

Whether you already have a deck in your garden, or are thinking of adding one in order to achieve this installation, we think it’s a great choice! It’s actually one of the most popular types, along with the stand alone option. It can add beauty and style to your installation, and be convenient for servicing and accessing the swim spa too.

Stand alone

This is the most common installation type and one that requires no digging or specialist equipment to complete. A crane simply lifts your swim spa into place in your desired location and it’s ready to be filled. It also means that your swim spa is super easy to maintain and service as time goes on.

This installation can also give your garden a superb, dramatic and gorgeous central focus like nothing else!


If you’re not fond of the cooler weather, or don’t have a suitable outdoor space, then an indoor installation might be the one for you. Maybe you can install your swim spa in your current spa area or gymnasium. Either way, it offers a climate-controlled, private space for you to swim. Just make sure it’s close to washrooms or a shower for you to quickly change after your workout, and be sure that the room has a floor drain, window, suitable fans for proper ventilation and a dehumidifier.

For dream results, you could even build a specific swim spa room, purely for your new tub! This way you can be sure of the perfect space designed around and dedicated to your favourite new hobby.


This is possibly the most difficult installation to complete and requires lots of planning. However, if you have the space and budget to accommodate it, it creates truly magnificent results, making your garden look simply spectacular. Considerations to take into account before you commit to an in-ground installation include being sure you like the aesthetic, water seepage possibilities, serviceability once installed and a pit that can handle water flow and is protected from pests and rodents intruding.

Like we said, there are many things to consider, which is why it is often the most difficult installation to achieve, but just take a look at other in-ground swim spa installations and you will be sure to love how stylish they look.

Half and half

This installation requires pretty much the same amount of thought and planning as an in-ground installation, but once installed, it is one of the easiest to maintain and service. Plus, it’s one of the simplest to get in and out of with a raised lip – just swing your legs over and step onto a level surface. If you are looking for a solution that gives you ease of access, this is the one for you.

If you’re still not sure which is the best installation solution for you and your swim spa, just ask the Hydropool Wiltshire team. We are experts in helping you to create the perfect swimming conditions for you to really make the most of your investment with us.