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HydroTher Wellness Programme

HydroTher Wellness Programme

You know all of our hot tubs are created with you in mind. You know that those comforting, warm bubbles and powerful massage jets will help ease your aching muscles and tired mind. But, did you know you can enhance your hot tub experience even further thanks to the Hydropool Wiltshire HydroTher Control and Wellness Programme?

Upgrade your home spa with the HydroTher Wellness Programme and you’ll enjoy a whole host of wonderful benefits on top of an already wonderful experience every time you use your hot tub. And you’ll be experiencing the only automated wellness spa in the industry.

You can be sure of a superior experience as the programme is backed by a whole host of research and design…

30 years of experience: Hydropool hot tubs have been installed in over 40 countries for private and professional use. We have worked with Hydrotherapy centres, wellness spas and aquatic therapy professionals and have discovered eight major benefits; leg pain relief, back pain relief, headache relief, stress relief, digestive relief, sports recovery and metabolism boost.

Zone therapy development: To achieve the best zone therapy we re-engineered the seating and lounger to obtain the best comfort for each body type and massage section. We re-invented our own jets to deliver the requested massage movements and positioned them to work on selected body parts. This allowed us to achieve therapy zones as per experts’ recommendations.

Advanced therapy development: We have now been able to develop aromatherapy, chromatherapy and reflexology for our hot tubs, from years of cooperation with our hydrotherapy consultants and partners.

Wellness Guide: Our Wellness Guide allows you to easily achieve the results you desire with any of our self-cleaning hot tubs. All our underwater circuit hydrotherapy programmes are easy to understand and perform from our guide.

Automated experience: Your wellness programme is just the touch of a button away. Naturally follow your hot tub sequences to achieve positive therapy and just sit back and enjoy!

Thanks to our HydroTher Wellness Programme we are proud to offer the first true wellness spa in the industry, and you could be reaping all of the benefits yourself in your own hot tub from Hydropool Wiltshire – just ask our team to find out more!