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AquaTrainer swim spas

AquaTrainer swim spas


The time is now! Hydropool Wiltshire are here to help you get fit, have fun and fall in love with swimming! We can help you discover the joy of swimming right in the comfort of your own home with our AquaTrainer swim spas, available right now.

We have a great range of options in the AquaTrainer range depending on the space you have available in your home and the budget you have allowed. However, all of our AquaTrainer swim spas come as standard with superior design and features to make swimming enjoyable, easy and safe.

If you fancy making a real family thing out of it, how about our AquaTrainer 19 fX? This self-cleaning AquaTrainer is a family pool, hot tub and aquatic gym all in one, providing a great training center for the individual athlete who still wants to stay in touch with their family. A Hydropool AquaTrainer 19fX has everything your garden-based exercise and entertainment center needs.

Or take a look at the AquaTrainer 17 fX… This swim spa has a variable resistance, adjustable current stream, thigh/abductor jets for lower body massage and resistance exercises and two hydrotherapy massage seats. It is basically a pool, hot tub and aquatic gym all in one! This swim spa is a fibreglass-reinforced acrylic one-piece mini-pool that allows you to swim, jog, exercise or play. It needs less space, costs less money and requires less maintenance than a conventional pool. Adjust the current from a gentle front crawl to a 1:02 hundred-meter swim pace – a challenge for even a competitive swimmer.

So whichever of the AquaTrainer range options takes your fancy, you can be guaranteed quality, a great swim and superior design, that lasts.