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Even more reasons to buy a swim spa

Even more reasons to buy a swim spa

At Hydropool Wiltshire, you know we have a whole host of great reasons why a swim spa is just the perfect solution to achieve fabulous mental and physical wellbeing.

All of our swim spas come with our exclusive and revolutionary self-cleaning system, which means you can spend more time swimming and relaxing and less time maintaining it! And whilst you do need to ensure you have a great, solid and sound place to install your swim spa, it’s the perfect neat way to improve your exercise regime without the huge space needed for a large swimming pool. Whether you opt for an outside or inside option, we can help guide you to the dream swim spa.

But, not only that – you can also completely personalise your swimming experience with a superb range of optional extras. This way you can be sure your swim spa is exactly how you want it and the novelty will never wear off! Check out some of the most popular upgrades available below and be sure to ask out team which swim spa models the best suit.

Automatic swim jet variable speed option: Having a multitude of options when it comes to the intensity of your workout is invaluable. Of course, the more you swim, the more strength you’ll have so you can increase the jet power accordingly. And there will always be some days when you just want a gentle swim, or maybe a fast, powerful workout before work; either way, the variable speed option gives you the exact current you need to swim against. And, with just a tap of a button it’s incredibly easy to switch between the different options.

Fragrance dispenser: There’s nothing quite like the sumptuous scents of a luxurious spa. And with our fragrance dispenser option you can have that exact feeling in your very own home! Add a splendid aromatherapy fragrance to your soak to elevate your experience to a dreamy spa-feel. With this option, you’ll not only have a fantastic workout hub, but a complete, all-round wellness centre.

Water features: Some exercise machines and workout models aren’t the most attractive elements to add to your home. However, your swim spa already looks beautiful once installed, and with the stunning water feature options you can have the ultimate spa aesthetic. From waterfalls to streams, you can make it look gorgeous and enjoy the therapeutic benefits too!

Air therapy: Our air therapy option injects numerous tiny air bubbles into the water to provide a relaxing full-body massage. If you choose this feature, make sure you have heated air! You certainly don’t want cool air ruining your relaxation experience.

Lights: Relaxing in a spa is a full sensory experience. You can feel the massaging jets. You can smell the luxurious spa scents, and with our lighting options you can see the calming lights to lift and lighten your mood. The full wellness experience can be enjoyed by adding more lighting (even though all our swim spas come with a set of lights as standard). Maybe you’ll add top-lip lights or even cabinet lighting – just ask our team about the options available to you once you have chosen the perfect swim spa.

So however you wish to heighten your swim spa experience, just ask our team about the range of optional extras and how they work with the different swim spa models available in our range!