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Bank Holiday relaxing

Bank Holiday relaxing

Bank holidays can often be filled with far too much stress. Even though you may be lucky enough to have time off work or away from your home-office, that time inevitably ends up being filled with housework, chores, long-awaited DIY tasks and more. And when you do eventually get a few minutes to yourself to sit back, it can be hard to actually relax properly. So here’s our quick Hydropool Wiltshire guide to relaxing when you are short on time!

Breathe: Yes, it does sound obvious, but many people find it hard to relax properly because they aren’t breathing in a way that is conducive to relaxation. When we are stressed, nervous or just generally on higher alert, we breathe faster and shallower. In order to let your muscles chill out, you need to take longer, deeper, slower breaths. Try breathing in for a count of four, and out for a count of six. Do this a couple of times and you will find your heartrate slows down and your senses begin to unwind.

Read: It can be really hard to switch off sometimes. Our minds are constantly whirring with the next task or thing we need to remember. So try reading for just a few minutes. Whether you opt for your favourite glossy magazine, a chapter or two of that latest novel or even just an article about a hobby of yours, reading will help your mind drift away from the every day. You don’t even need to do it for long, just a few minutes of reading can do wonders.

Warm and cool: There are so many benefits to sitting in your hot tub for just 20 minutes. It can aide better sleep, better circulation, less tension and all round more positive wellbeing. However, the sensation of going from a warming tub to cool air is what truly relaxes your body. Much like having a warm cup of tea or luxurious hot chocolate, the warming and cooling of your body will really help you to calm down. So if you really are short on time, just pop the kettle on and drink a good old cuppa!

Of course it’s great if you have lots of time to relax this bank holiday, but even if you don’t, just a few minutes in your tub and use of our quick-fire techniques above will help take the stress away in no time!