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5 Big Benefits of Soaking in Warm Water

5 Big Benefits of Soaking in Warm Water

Throughout history many cultures have welcomed the warm, healing embrace of a long, hot soak in a tub.

Egyptian royals took theirs with essential oils and flowers. The Romans and Japanese bathed communally in thermae and onsens.

Wallowing in warm water is one of the oldest forms of alternative therapy, and there’s good reason why this practice has stood the test of time.

If you’re looking for the natural way to heal a busy mind and an aching body, read on to discover the top 5 benefits of soaking in warm water…

Muscle Healing

You have an active and healthy lifestyle that involves lots of exercise, but do you also prioritise your body’s recovery? Allowing your muscles to recover properly means you’re able to get out and about doing the exercise you love quicker, and for longer. Soaking in warm water helps to reduce the impact of gravity on skeletal and muscle tissue which helps to alleviate tension in the body and any problem areas. The same warm water can help to loosen your muscles before a workout, as well as soothing them afterwards. Try to incorporate a hot soak into your regular fitness routine to help with reaching your fitness goals.

The heat of your bath or hot tub results in collagen tissue becoming more flexible, benefiting many people with arthritic symptoms. Doctors have advised people with arthritis that soaking in warm water several times a day relaxes muscles and joints and helps induce a restful sleep. The resulting stress and muscle tension relief has also led many migraine sufferers to claim that hot tub use reduces the frequency and severity of their headaches.

Reduced Stress

Studies have found that almost half of us believe our stress levels have increased over the last five years, with on average three quarter of people regular experiencing both physical and mental symptoms caused by stress. The modern way of life can be very hectic, but years of this high-octane lifestyle can have long term negative effects on your health – including high blood pressure and increased risk of heart disease. Soaking in warm water can help your body rest and help your mind escape from daily stresses. Focussed hydromassage can act as pain relief to help alleviate tension that has built up in the body – particularly the neck, shoulders and back – which may lead to other feelings of pain, such as migraines.

Relationship Building

When you do take the time to wind down and feel the benefits of a long, hot soak, it’s a great chance to share that time with loved ones. Social interaction is so important, yet we rarely make time for quality down time with one another where we can reconnect. Whilst you’re bathing, the absence of smartphones, household chores and other distractions opens the door for conversation to flow and allows you to rebuild the human connections that are so critical for our emotional well-being. Open the invitation of a hot soak to family members or friends you feel distant with and watch the walls you’ve built up melt away.

Reduced Toxins

Being immersed in hot water helps your body to reduce toxins by causing the body temperature to increase and the blood vessels to dilate. This improves blood circulation, pumping more nutrients and oxygen throughout our bodies, whilst also displacing toxins in areas of weaker flow. This can also help speed up metabolism, as the body can process nutrients quicker. As the body regulates its internal temperature, our pores release moisture (also known as sweat!) that helps to expel internal chemical waste.

Deeper Sleep

Humans need restful sleep in order to live life to their fullest. A lack of sleep can result in a range of symptoms including irritability, forgetfulness, lack of motivation, clumsiness and feelings of depression, which can all lead to a lowered perception of quality of life. In today’s climate-controlled lifestyle one cause of restless nights can be that the body hasn’t realised it’s time to relax. Taking a hot soak in the evening before bed can help you to drift into a deeper, more restful sleep. Raising your body temperature and subsequently allowing your body to cool helps your body to realise you’ve gone from day mode to night mode as well as helping to reduce tension and stress.

So make like people of old and prioritise your health and wellbeing by taking a long hot soak tonight.

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